Not Exactly a Holly Jolly Christmas and Now My Jeans Have Shrunk

Although Christmas Day was everything it is supposed to be, the holiday season was not exactly what I’d call holly jolly.  Instead, it was filled with one fiasco after another.  Let me tell you about it.

Five days before Thanksgiving I walked into the kitchen and discovered that the hose to the water dispenser on the refrigerator had sprung a leak.  Although there wasn’t a huge amount of water it was enough to soak the rug under the breakfast table.  After trying to dry it with fans for a couple of days, we realized that the rug could not be salvaged.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner my thoughts had to turn from Fiasco # One to the turkey and all its trimmings.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEight days before Christmas the stainless steel water line to the sink ruptured, and I don’t mean a tiny little hole.  I mean one as big as the end of your thumb spewing water five feet across the room.  Thankfully, I was home and standing right beside the sink when it happened, but I could see that the entire first floor would be destroyed in a matter of minutes. I panicked! Thankfully, I was able to reach Waylon by phone.  He calmly reminded me that I could turn the water off under the sink, but even then Fiasco # Two dumped 2-3 inches of scalding hot water on the floor in ten minutes.

If you’d like to know more I can give you a blow by blow account of what happened.  It was pretty scary!  Long story short I’ll just say— although SERVPRO did a great three-day job, you don’t ever want to need their assistance. Besides the dust and stress it was like sleeping on a tarmac for three nights with all the turbo fans blowing.

Fiasco # Three happened the day after ChristmasAs we were getting ready to leave to visit our relatives in Alabama, Waylon took our suitcase downstairs.  Just as he passed the study he noticed the carpet was wet—sopping wet.  At that point he yelled, “Martha, come quick!  We’ve got another water issue!”

I flew down the stairs thinking that surely he was mistaken.  However, it took only one glance to know that we had a MAJOR water issue, but the cause was not apparent at first.  The most logical culprit would have been the water hose on the washing machine in the laundry room adjacent to the study.  But knowing I had not done a load of clothes that morning we quickly ruled that out.

After further investigation, we realized that the source of the problem was in the attic.  Yep, you guessed it—the hot water heater had burst. The water had run down the wall into the study saturating not only the carpet but the sheetrock in the ceiling and walls as well.  That meant that EVERYTHING in the study had to be moved into my living room and dining room further wrecking the house.  As with fiasco # Two, there are far more details I can give you later if you’d like.

Four days after Fiasco # Three, we left for California to attend the Tournament of Roses Parade and the BCS National Championship game.  I know, ladies, you feel my pain of having to leave my house in a mess. (Just so you won’t feel too badly for me, we had wonderful friends who completed a lot of the restoration before we returned from Pasadena).  Nevertheless, it was very hard leaving our house in such disarray knowing I would have to face it as soon as I returned.  However, that was not a problem for Waylon.  For him, all of this could wait until THE GAME was over.

Fiasco # Four took place as our four hour nonstop flight to LA turned into a twelve hour ordeal after our plane developed a crack in the windshield fifteen minutes into our flight.  You can read about it by clicking here.

In spite of it all, though, we had a great time in the Pasadena area.  Seeing the parade was an awesome experience, especially after getting to watch the workers put the finishing touches on the floats the day before.  Although Auburn lost, it was a great game—that is until the last seventy-nine seconds to be exact.

Having been up until way past midnight after the game, we planned to sleep in the next morning.  However, when Waylon woke up, he discovered there was water all over the bathroom and foyer floors in our hotel room.  I’m serious.  We aren’t sure what had happened but the water obviously came from the room above ours.  It was Fiasco # Five.

Now do you see why it was not exactly a holly jolly season?  But wait—after all of that, I’ve discovered that my jeans have shrunk.  Not sure how that happened.  Perhaps I forgot and washed them in hot water or left them in the dryer too long.  I just can’t figure it out.  I’m sure it wasn’t the traditional holiday foods—ham, turkey, dressing, chicken and dumplings, sweet potato casseroles, congealed salads, pecan pies, red velvet cakes, hot chocolate, chips and dip, etc.—that had anything to do with my jeans feeling a little more snug than usual.  And, of course, having a few In-N-Out burgers in LA wouldn’t have been a problem either, right?  Does that qualify for Fiasco # Six?

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get back on track with a little normalcy and discipline in my life. I am totally out of sync, and if there’s one thing I know about myself it’s that I need a routine to feel secure.  Right now I am a bit frustrated and out of control. Normally, by this time all the Christmas decorations would have been put away and my house put back in order.  Not so this year!

Last Sunday my preacher-man husband’s sermon was on dealing with frustration.  I’m not sure what all the points were but when he listed a few ways to deal with frustration and got to the one that said, “Expect the Unexpected” I wanted to clear my throat, raise my hand, and ask if I could give a testimony about the unexpected.  I also wanted to ask how many unexpecteds I should expect.

Actually, we shouldn’t be surprised by times of frustration and trouble in life.  In John 16:33 Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble.”  He also said not to worry about tomorrow because “each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34). Somehow that’s not exactly comforting to me right now, but I know that Jesus was trying to help us look at life from a realistic perspective.

Hopefully, with Bible study resuming today I will begin to regain my focus.  I’m trusting that the fruit of the Holy Spirit does include self-discipline and patience because I really need both of them.  Actually, I’m praying for a fresh dose of all of the fruit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

So, whether you had a holly jolly Christmas or not or if your jeans are fitting the way you want them to, I hope you have a blessed day.  Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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26 thoughts on “Not Exactly a Holly Jolly Christmas and Now My Jeans Have Shrunk

    1. You’re up early this morning, Paula. Thanks for empathizing with me. All of this has been very frustrating, but I know in the grand scheme of things it’s just an aggravation involving “stuff.”

  1. Martha, I am more like you than Waylon when it comes to leaving things out of order until I return. There is not much relaxation when I know things are not in order. And what’s up with water being the culprit each time? Don’t know what the message is there but it sure puts me into investigate mode for a meaning. I’m sorry all those things happened but it had to be spiritual testing. I think of how Abraham was tested and his faith was found true. There are several times people were put to the test throughout the Bible, of course I can’t begin to find them all. I would have lost it after fiasco #2. I think you and Waylon did good. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Martha, I know all those fiascos had to be frustrating. It is strange how they all involved water. We know that God promised he would not destroy the world again with a flood, but I’m afraid I would have begun to think otherwise after all those water-related problems. That just added stress to an already stressful time of year. I’m thankful that you were home when they happened and you and Waylon were able to see that they were fixed. It is good to be back to a normal routine again, and I’m excited about your Bible study starting this morning. Hope I can find something to wear that still fits.

    1. Come on over, Ellen! There are two ladies who drive from Baton Rouge every week. I’m serious. We’d love to have you. The ladies were so joyful today–all 180+:)

  3. Sorry, Martha,…..but I am actually laughing!! I can see all of that so clearly in my mind because it sounds like my house!! That’s is another reason I so love your blogs….you are so much like each of us that struggle with the every day issues that sometime beset us so. Isn’t it wonderful how God can use our “stories” & “upsets” to teach others( and ourselves) a spiritual lessons along the way. Thanks for sharing the way you do. (And Yes, I know that it wasn’t funny at all!!!)

    1. I’m so glad I made you laugh! One year lightning struck near our house and took out all our electronics. When I told some people at church that night, one of the deacons said, “I’m so glad to know that it happens to the Lord’s anointed, too!” Isn’t that funny?

  4. I have to agree with Jill.
    While reading the first 4 fiascos, I was so totally sympathetic (and still am) but when I got to #5, I almost fell off my chair laughing. I do hope God does not punish me for laughing. You write comedy very well.
    I am praying for you and Waylon and for my weird sense of humor.
    May God richly bless you. I know he is using you for the good of everyone reading your blog.

  5. I can empthaize, after our home was flooded with 27” of water during a rain storm on the West Bank in Marrero in the 70’s. I had often said that I’d like to change the carpet in our bedroom before our subdivision flooded, I have never again stated that I wanted to change the carpet anywhere in the house!! We did move to the Northshore a few years later,which is what I had wanted to do for a long time. God does indeed work in mysterious ways….

  6. Martha, I agree with Jill and Jean…you are so down-to-earth, I feel I know you personally. I graduated from Brantley High School with Waylon’s Aunt Judy. Truly truly enjoy your messages. Betty (Harrelson) Campbell

  7. Bless your heart! It was definitely your time to deal with WATER! Even at the hotel! Glad things are getting back to normal. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Martha, I felt so badly for you after reading all those terrible “water” stories! UGH! We actually came home after a trip to a water catastrophe in our home. Leaky toilet tank flooded two bathrooms, a hall way, and two bedrooms. Oh, the fun. We too are well acquainted with SERVEPRO and trying to sleep over the roar of those fans. Incidentally, my parents are familiar with windshield problems in airplanes. The windshield of the 9 passenger airplane they were flying in actually did blow out (or was pulled out) of the plane as they were flying over Mississippi headed to Denver. Oh, yeah, and my dad was flying the plane…they were the only two on board. Fortunately, they were not at a high enough altitude to be in danger of being sucked from the plane, but the air rushing in made it difficult on my dad to function. My mom actually had to get behind him and hold his headset on so he could communicate with the nearest control tower. They made an emergency landing somewhere in MS. As they landed they noticed the firetruck, ambulance, etc. all assembled for them. They were fully expected to crash…as the FAA told my dad “nine pilots out of 10 would have put that plane in the ground.” Yikes. A very sobering experience that made us extremely thankful to God for their protection. My mom was a bit skeptical about flying in small planes after that, but dad was on another one the next day. 🙂

    1. Well, girl, you can understand ALL of our holiday experiences. There are so many times when we can’t relate to people because we’ve never walked in their shoes. Sounds like you,perhaps more than anyone, can identify with my pain/frustration. As far as the windshield incident, it became more frightening afterwards when I realized the magnitude of the situation. And the water–it just wouldn’t seem to stop. However, throughout the whole ordeal I realized all of it could have happened while we were away. When I saw what 10 minutes of water did, I knew that we were every fortunate to have been home. Thank you, Regina, for caring about us.

  9. Thank you Martha. I can understood what you have been through. I thought when I moved off the river, the flooding and hurricanes would be over —- NO! way, I have had more water problems than I ever had in La. My hose also broke on my ice maker, well after repairing the kitchen floor and downstairs, a pipe broke behind the kitchen sink and took weeks to take out kitchen tile, cabinets, long story the repairs were finally made. Next morning I walked in the kitchen to a wet floor, yes repairing the pipe, they broke another one, so we began again to tear out and repair. To stop an everending story my jeans are shrinking too. Trials and temptations, make us stronger? Yes, I believe, God and I can handle it. Hey! be glad you have Waylon.
    Love you guys and keep us in your prayers as I will do you. I always read Isiah 54:5

    1. Oh, dear! I now know a lot of people with water stories. Amazingly, many of them have a series of fiascos like yours and mine. The odd thing about ours is that the incidents don’t seem to be related. Oh, yes, I’m very thankful I have Waylon. Sorry about your jeans, Cilia:)

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