About Martha


  • Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord (Psalm 103)
  • Waylon, my husband
  • Anna and Emily, my daughters
  • Chris and Brad, my sons-in-law
  • Jake, Chase, Reagan, and Luke, my grandchildren


  • Born into a family that already had three teenagers
  • Father was admitted to a state psychiatric hospital when I was nine months old and remained there until his death when I was nineteen
  • Grew up in Brantley, Alabama
  • Attended Troy State University and graduated from the University of New Orleans
  • Received the Master of Religious Education degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Served as a Christian Family Counselor
  • Taught fourth grade in private and public schools

Christian Service

  • Attend First Baptist Church in Covington, Louisiana, where my husband has been Senior Pastor for 26 years
  • Previously taught Young Adults for twenty years at FBC, Covington
  • Serve as Women’s Ministry Coordinator
  • Teach Women’s Bible Studies (18 years)
  • Teach a weekly community Bible study that reached over 300 women last year
  • Speak at women’s conferences



  • Authored Putting My Dress-up Clothes Away (2007, Insight Press also available at Amazon)
  • Authored It Hurts but I’m Okay (2012, Insight Press also available at Amazon)
  • Contributed to The Hidden Places of the Heart (2012, devotionals by SBC Ministers’ wives)
  • Contributed articles for ministers’ wives in SBCLIFE (Journal of The Southern Baptist Convention, 2012-2013)


  • To be an obedient servant of Jesus Christ and to reflect His glory in everything I do
  • To treasure my family
    • By being a loving, supportive wife and partner in ministry for Waylon
    • By being  understanding, encouraging, and affirming to Anna and Chris and Emily and Brad faithfully lifting their needs to the Lord
    • By being an unapologetic doting grandmother who models the love of Jesus to Jake, Chase, Reagan, and Luke leaving them with a legacy of faith
  • To study and teach women the Bible and help them understand the spiritual applications for everyday life
  • To write a blog that is honest, real, relevant, entertaining, and true to God’s Word

25 thoughts on “About Martha

  1. This is so exciting! You are going to reach so many through this blog. Wednesday mornings have not been the same since Bible study ended. I’ll be looking forward to reading your blog each week and praying for you as you continue to be a blessing to so many.

  2. God bless you on your new “adventure”; you can do all things through Christ! I look forward to your continuing inspiration to me and so many others. My prayers are for you!

  3. Martha, thank you! Women are sure to be encouraged here. I will pray for God’s continued blessings on you, your family and ministries.

  4. I was so pleased to run into you the other day & ecstatic to receive your email! I am thrilled (as so many others are, I AM SURE!) that I can be connected to your lessons, inspiration, and encouragement thru the blog! Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts! I know the Lord will have lots to say via your fingertips! I will definitely be tuned in…

  5. Martha, this is just the connection all of us need between Bible Studies. I look forward to each and every blog and will keep you in my prayers as always.

  6. Thanks for keeping us connected Martha, I will be waiting to see or hear your weekly Bible study in the near future!

    1. Amen to what Waylon said. God has gifted you with teaching in a way that truly ministers. May God keep on blessing you.

  7. Martha,
    I attended your bible study yesterday and enjoyed it. You mentioned a book by Sarah Young but I did not catch the title. Would you please give me the title.

  8. Martha, I have been attending your Wednesday Bible study class and have received such a blessing. When you recently talked about Mordecai’s question to Esther, “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?, it struck my heart chord. I felt the Lord impressing me to talk with my brother and sister-in-law about their relationship with the Lord. I started praying about God’s leadership to do this. This week, you mentioned that Esther waited for the right time and was very careful in the way she worded her message to Xerxes. I asked two Christian friends to pray with me about the “right time and right words.” This morning I called my brother. He accepted Christ as a child and I asked him if he had peace with that decision and the assurance that he would spend eternity in heaven. He said, “Yes, I am sure.” I was elated. I then asked about his wife and he didn’t know as they had never discussed this topic. I called her this afternoon. She said she prays every night for God to forgive her but couldn’t name an actual time when she had asked God into her life. She prayed to receive Christ. What a wonderful blessing! Thanks, Martha, for your encouraging teaching and the challenge to do what God leads us to do. Praise be to God!

    1. That is AWESOME, Karen! What an act of obedience on your part! It thrills me to hear how the Lord spoke to you through our lesson Wednesday. I just read your comment to Waylon, and he said, “That why your teach!” I love teaching God’s Word and love even more to hear how he uses the study in ladies’ lives. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  9. Martha, thank you so much for your serving heart and bringing the bible to life. I have attended your bibles studies for a couple of years and am blessed every time I walk away. I lift you and Waylon up in prayer to continue to lead and grow the church. I pray that others see your dedication and love for all people and speak the Gospel to those who need to hear it. Bless you Martha and look forward to our fall bible study!!

    1. Kelsey, I’m not sure why I am seeing this for the first time this morning. Technology works rather strangely sometimes and when you throw in the fact that I not tech savvy, it’s a bad mix. However, it is nice to be seeing your post today. I love having you in our studies. I’m thrilled you find them meaningful in your life. God’s Word is an AMAZING book that speaks so clearly to us today even though it was written so long ago. I so admire your ministry through Reagan’s Hope. What a blessing it is to so many parents who are dealing with such dire circumstances. I’m praying especially for you today. God bless you, Kelsey.

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